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July 16 2018 By dvirtue COMMENTARY ON THE 2018 GAFCON LETTER TO THE CHURCHES Part Two: Coming to One Mind

"For it has seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us..." (Acts 15:28). How does a church council go about coming to one mind?" What an awesome task! The role of the Conference Statement, it seems to me, is to speak to those assembled and to speak for them to the wider church and world in the name of God. The role of the Statement Group is to so listen to the Conference Assembly that it can propose words for the Conference to speak. Again, an awesome task.

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July 13 2018 By dvirtue Post-Gafcon Contention 1: REPLY TO FULCRUM ON GAFCON 2018

Fulcrum Response to GAFCON 2018

Concerning the GAFCON 2018 Conference in Jerusalem, and its Letter to the Churches, we outline eight encouragements, five questions and five observations.

Eight Encouragements

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July 09 2018 By dvirtue Seven things I learned about God from Nigerian Christians

I just returned from an intense nine days teaching in Jos, Nigeria, at the center of this religious cleansing. Dedicated young Christian leaders and seminarians told me they cannot sleep because the attacks always come in the middle of the night. Many know believers who have been killed. Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi's home was attacked last week, his cows stolen, and his beloved neighbor who tried to protect him was gunned down.

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July 09 2018 By dvirtue AUSTIN, TX: Bishop Martins Reflects on Resolution B-012

B012 was originally authored by a trio of center-left "moderate" bishops, in consultation with the leadership of the Communion Partners. Their aim was to provide a viable alternative to the more draconian A085, which came out of the Marriage Task Force.

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July 08 2018 By dvirtue Prayer Book Revision and Marriage Rites arouse heated debate in packed hearing at General Convention

The two General Convention resolutions are designed to strip Episcopal bishops – particularly conservative bishops – of their authority to determine which liturgical celebrations may be offered within their own diocesan borders, and to denature God of His Divine gender as well as rip familiar language from the Book of Common Prayer. Here is a portion of the twitter feed responses.


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July 06 2018 By dvirtue GAFCON sounded like a great gig but now what?

'Coekin & the Coconuts were amazing, you know, so were Shorty & the Short-cuts -- mind-blowing riffs. He did his Pete Townshend revolving arm routine. I would've liked to have seen Thomas & the Tombolas on the main stage. But he did an intimate acoustic session in a smaller venue at the festival, which was really awesome, especially when he sang to his fellow conservative evangelicals in the Church of England: "You will never walk alone".'

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July 06 2018 By dvirtue Freeing God from Gender and Tradition

Watch as the Episcopalians continue to pray their way to a new, synthetic religion.

Lee is a member of the committee that will consider resolutions to revise the Episcopal prayer book (erroneously called a "Book of Common Prayer"). His committee will put a resolution before the larger legislative bodies at the convention.

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In particular, Gafcon is standing firmly behind the teaching of the 1998 Lambeth Resolution I.10 on Human Sexuality, which stated that God has designed two and only two ways of faithful sexuality -- marriage and abstinence -- and that homosexual practice is "incompatible with Scripture." In passing this Resolution, the Communion majority, led by the Global South, spoke truth to power (i.e., the power of the Anglo-American bureaucracy) on a matter of fundamental Christian doctrine.

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June 30 2018 By dvirtue I can't imagine

As the story broke Thursday afternoon, my heart sank as I went into immediate prayer. Each time there was an update, I updated my prayer.

So many times I say to the Lord as these sort of incidents grab the headlines: "I don't understand, Lord," I wail. "I don't understand!"

When I told a priest friend of mine about my constant wailing prayer to the Lord, he replied: "There is no understanding it," he said. "Evil is incomprehensible."

That I understand.

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June 21 2018 By virtueonline GAFCON III: "Cross the Pain Line" in Preaching on Hell advise Harmon, Tice

Harmon explained the West's "triumph of the therapeutic" as one reason that Hell is rarely preached about. Referencing Washington Post coverage of the recent Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain suicides, Harmon discussed how happiness is seen as a right, which means that people don't have an understanding of how to deal with unhappiness.

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